The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : links
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General sites
Robert Darrieumerlou has a similar goal: "chasing" the bordermarkers of the Pyrenees.  But his starting point was the Atlantic coast with no. 1.  and at present his range (but not fully covered) stretches from no. 1 to 426.  Robert is marvellous, he's an expert-bordermarker-researcher and located a lot of very hard to find markers. Besides a lot of photo's Robert provides historical background with helpful  links to the French-Spanish border-treaties and demarcations-agreements. (site-review 19042010)
Cayetano (living in Girona, Spain) started in 2013 to search and photograph the esfr-bordermarkers between the province of Girona and France (bm427-602). Starting from the east, he has covered until now bm601 up to bm518. Cayetono refuses to use a gps-device to find the markers. He prefers maps, delimitation-proceedings and information/pictures from other sources. Apart from the pictures of the bordermarkers he provides
- the original (delimitation-)treaties in Spanish (!)
- a dictionary of related terms
- some curiosities
- and he is – very modern – connected with Facebook, Twitter etcetera
(site-review 26012014)
Published on 27032014, Jacques Koleck surprised me with his blog, thinking he still preferred handwritten letters and hardcopy photos above the digital dimension. Jacques is one of the most industrious and thorough bordermarker-researchers I know in the Pyrenees. At the age of 71 he started with his passion and at present - after 7 years - he has covered the Pyrenees from coast to coast. He doesn't limit himself to the obvious well-numbered bordermarkers in the 1-602 range but has an open heart for the few hundred other unnumbered bordermarkers, varying from plain intermediate crosses and borderstones until demarcation plaques in bordertunnels. The blog has started with an intriguing "inventaire etc" cq counting of all the esfr-bordermarkers in a different approach than my counting. However, after 2014 there has been no updates.
(site-review 27032014, update 20200502)
This is a website made by Michel Molia who – with some friends – wants to discover all bordermarkers between France and Spain. They made their first trip in 2011. He describes their interest as an infectious disease.
Their homebase is Bayonne and so far they have covered a lot of the 720 bordermarkers – including bm602! – but most of them in the western half. They started in 2013. What strikes me is that they seem to have started from scratch, ignorant of the available information (on the internet). There’s hardly any reference to any sources or using waypoints from others or whatsoever . The website seems in the first place a cheerful account of a friendship’s-project meant for the friends themselves.
(site-review 17052015)
While Alain Laridon covers the east and Robert Darrieumerlou the west,  Paco Nudels from Lleida took care of the central part of the Pyrenees. By finding bm333 to 420bis, he has done a great job.  My picks so far out of his collection: bm408 (another stone then I found), bm417 (not yet found by me) and bm420bis (idem).
But his interests range further: he has pictures taken on the condominium-island of 'l'île de Faisans' itself (!),  shows most of the Lliva-bordermarkers and searched for a kind of local markers between bm333 and 357. (site-review 20062010)
Martial Garcia is a 'cyclocampeur' whose main vehicle to find the bordermarkers is  ...  his bicycle.  He is rapidly enlarging his collection of bm-pictures in the eastern Pyrenees (bm427-602 + Llivia). In this blog  you have to dig a bit to find the treasures on bordermarkes and his testimonies of his quests. Martial: "Gradually my collection was enriched and I surprised myself by my own interest in the subject".  Martial is a tough  searcher who helped me a lot to find some hard-to-find Llivia-bm's. (site-review 29102010)
Alain Gillodes is a 'cycleur' like Martial Garcia and his bycicle is his favourite medium to visit the bordermarkers.  Alain wants to cover all the esfr-bordermarkers and that's what I like. In spring 2019 there were only 19 bordermarkers left to do, most of them high-altitude but also bm602 at the mediterranean coastline. The link above shows all his bordermarker-pics but his interesting trip-accounts are in chronological order on this separate page. One modest remark: I myself would prefer that the pictures are linked to these accounts, a bit of work but worthwhile. Somewhere I read "En consultant le superbe site de Eef Berns etc."which made me pride. (site-review 02062019)
(direct link to the Llivia-markers: see this page)
Carlos and Conchita, a couple from Barcelona, have an apartment in the Cerdagne and are devoted mountain-walkers. They have started their own survey of the bordermarkers in 2015 in the Cerdagne and they want to continue to cover the entire esfr-range. Their progress can be followed on this map.
Each day-account is detailed and contains large pictures (with often Conchita standing besides, I think Carlos likes her a lot). There are also embedded maps with large photos, tracks and sharing-options. Being (Carlos) an ICT-professional, the website is in good hands. (site-review august 2020)
Barry Arnold is one of those guys fascinated by borders: bordercrossings in all kinds, tripoints and bordermarkers. His website ( lists all his trips to various borders with a special interest in tripoints. In august 2020 he travelled to the Spanish-French border in the eastern Pyrenees and documented thoroughly the 'borderpoints' he visited, including the two tripoints of Andorra. At the time of writing of this review he hasn't yet completed describing all his trips but he is working hard on it. (site-review august 2020)

Photo-sites and fora
(sites offering mostly pictures of the bordermarkers, no background or other information. Often the pictures are unsorted but most of them show their photo's in Google Earth. That's how I found these sites anyway)
This is a forum of the Pyrenees-team - website  on the subject of "602 bornes ... ou croix frontières". The main contribuant seems Robert Darrieurmerlou (see above).It's more a presentation of pictures then a discussion-forum on e.g. history. There's no index so you might need to browse all pages to find  a specific bordermarker. Nevertheless a delight to glance through and to see what Robert is up to.
Blogspot from Olivier Penau. Olivier has started with the bordermarkers in the Basque country. He shows himself in a Youtube-clip: with a lot of bordermarkers. (site review 19042010)
Photoblog by one Beltri. In spanish

Cartographic sites

See the Cartography-page

Other sites

Contestation sur la frontière avec le val d’Aran
This page on the website of the French Conseil national de l'information géolocalisée/frontières discusses the 'Bidaubus-dispute': the borderline between bm408 and 409. It represents the opinion of the Conseil. See for my opinion this page on my blog with a short video on this subject).

NB: the online map of the 'official' borderline is still visible on this page.

The article contains also links to
- two very interesting documents with the proceedings and annexes of the 40ème Réunion de la commission internationale des Pyrénées - Paris, 03 décembre 2014
- the websites of Michel Molia and me

French Wikipedia article about the French-Spanish border and nice starting point for other wikipedia-information on the esfr-border. Versions in other languages available but possibly less comprehensive.
French Wikipedia article about the French-Andorran border. Versions in other languages available but possibly less comprehensive.
Different area but same mission: Georges Fabry searches bordermarkers in the Alpes-Maritimes. In his case they are historical markers, once in use for borders which do not exist anymore. For example between the Comté de Nice and France from 1761 to 1823. His site includes maps, history, bibliography and is linked to his blog with the same subject. (site reviewed 22062010).