The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : print your own maps
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It's easy to print your own - custom made - maps with the GRPdesBF and the bordermarkers on them.
In general: a combination of Google Earth-prints with French IGN-prints is perfect. But there are more options and sometimes such an alternative is better. It's you who decides.

Note: for safety-reasons print or buy also a more overall map of where you walk. In case of bad weather or emergency, you want to know your escape-routes.

Which gps-files are relevant?

gpx (with
altitudes added)
Waypoints of all esfr-bordermarkers esfr-bordermarkers-all-waypoints.kml
Tracks of the stage you want to print
see the page of that stage

Printing with GPS Visualizer
The website is amazing. I use it a lot to convert gpx-files, add verified elevations and to produce maps. Don't hesitate to support it financially because it's unique. To print maps for your trips, you could go directly to this page with all the esfr-bordermarkers already on them and choose the map layer you prefer. Or go to this page where you can load multiple gps-files.

Printing with Google Earth
- load esfr-bordermarkers-all-waypoints.kml
- load the .kml-file of the stage you want to print
- choose - if it suits you better - an overlay from Eefs Overlays, e.g. 'Opencyclemap'
- zoom in (and tilt) until you're satisfied with the result
- print a 'screenshot of the current 3D view'
- or File -> Save -> Save image

Printing with French IGN-maps
But the french IGN-maps might be a better alternative (or perfect addition), depending on the terrain. The official Géoportail-site supports the import of .kml and .gpx-files.

Printing with Spanish IGN-maps
Not yet satisfied? Try the Spanish counterpart of Géoportail: the Iberpix-viewer