The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : who did them all?
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In september 2021, Corinne Gourgeonnet 'did' her very last bordermarker (see this blog-post). She had completed her quest of visiting all esfr-bordermarkers.

That raised the question how many people had done this before: all bordermarkers from bm001 up to 602. And I drew up a list as far as I knew. That is to say: 'all bordermarkers' as known to exist at the time of finishing.

Let's put it together in a chart. First of all bm-searchers who have completed the entire 1-602-range. Second a chart of people who have completed one or two of the three subdivisions of the original treaties from the 19th century.

NB: if you want to keep track of the bordermarkets you have done in a nice excel-chart: have a look on this page.

Full coverage

Done all bordermarkers

Javier and María-Jesús Sancho-Esnaola (estimation: 2010)

Charles and Josette Darrieu (estimation: 2010)

Jacques Koleck (2014)

Myself (first round 2014, second round 2022)

Michel Molia (2018)

Alain Gillodes (june 2021)

Corinne Gourgeonnet (september 2021)

Jean Marc Dumont (september 2023)

Partial coverage

1st Treaty
2th Treaty
3th Treaty
Jesús Murueta Goikoetxea (2003)

Iñaki Vigor and Carlos Sanz (2007)

Robert Darrieumerlou (?)

Alain Laridon (estimation: 2010)

Lucien Thomas (2012)

Jean Hirschinger & Simone Hondelatte (2013) (bm1-262)

Serge Poncet (estimation: 2014)

Cayetano (estimation: 2015)

Carlos and Conchita Roca (august 2022)