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- 26 july 2004 -
Unexpected pleasures

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Part of  a 8-days hike around the two tripoints of Andorra and neighbouring bordermarkers. Starting in Arinsal and finishing in Puigcerda with in between public transport from Auzat to Porte Puymorens.
This day:  nice walking day. After the discovering of the first bm it's difficult to stop many bm's later.  Too much focussing on the bm's  implies less enjoying landscape and walking.
In general:  bordermarkers more difficult to find then I thought.  Is the project of doing all the Pyrenees-bordermarkers realistic?

Weather: warm and windy.
Walking: 6 hours. Ascending: ± 0 meters. Descending: ± 300 meters.

I start around 9am, descending on the country road.
A bit further,  I suddenly see:


I return, searching for

Bm445, finally found in the roadside close to my camping spot!


Took me quite a while,  searching this one.  The road climbing back, soon leaves the adjoining waterstream (canal) and only beyond bm444, there's a branch descending back, straight to this bm.

Then, back again

Bm447, easy
Bm448, is bit more difficult, hidden on the other side of the Canal de Sant Père.

Along the swampy westside of the Canal downwards.

First I find:

Bm450, standing a bit higher, 5-10 meters from the Canal.

Only found after long & long searching at the swampy and overgrown eastside of the Canal.
Standing a bit more to the north than one would expect and exactly at the edge of the Canal in the bush.

The border bends away south from the Canal but the borderline is clear.

Bm451, easy to find

I can't find bm454 and I  give up.
Walking to Puigcerda, I accidentally pass


I climb back to search for bm455 but in vain.
Further on the way to Puigcerda, I find:

Bm457  and

(earlier done on 6 june 2004 )

(earlier done on 6 june 2004 )

Via Saneja I walk along the main road to Puigcerda. Just outside Saneja there's a branch to the left to the bridge over the river. A sign says "dead end" so  I didn't try. 
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