The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : count your bordermarkers
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If you want to keep track of your progress in doing the esfr-bordermarkers, you have to write down somehow which markers you have covered and which are waiting for your visit.

Sébastien's Excel-sheet

Sébastien Marc surprised me in 2021 with an Excel-sheet in which he keeps track of the bordermarkers he has covered so far. Hereunder a picture of his main sheet:

(You can dowload his sheet but empty for his personal data with this link)

Sébastien likes to make a difference between the markers numbered 1 to 602 and all the extra markers like submarkers, double markers, and the Llivia-markers. So he included a sub-sheet for these extra markers:

My own Excel-sheet

Sébastien's example inspired me to design my own Excel-sheet. For me all bordermarkers “are created equal” and I made my own excel-template with all markers on one sheet. It looks like this:

(As an example, I have entered in this sheet all the markers I did so far in my ‘second round’. At one point I decided to do all markers at least twice (with at least one year difference). Why? Why not? You can see that I have still to (re)do 69 bordermarkers, all planned for 2022.)

If you are also 'doing' the esfr-bordermarkers, this excel-sheet might be useful to you. Do you want an empty template to use for yourself? Download it with this link. Do you prefer Sébastien's approach, download his empty Excel-template with this link.