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- 25 april 2006 -
The Canigou far away

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Part of a five-day trip from the Mediterranean sea to Le Perthus and a bit further.
Day 2: from close to bm596 to Font de la Mašana (close to bm587)

Walking: 8 hours
Climbing: ▒ 700 meters
Descending: ▒ 250 meters

A bit hidden between the bush.

From the fountain (Font de Taravaus) - where I filled my bottles - I took  a path uphill to a pass. At that pass at the north-side, this bordercross.

bm595 stone

There's an old - but intact - cross and this recent borderstone. Strange
bm595 both markers
A view ahead, to the snowcapped Canigan-mountain

Not easy to find, at first I walked too far.

On the IGN-map there were two "Coll de (l) Teixo" indicated but it's the western where bm594 is.

At that col, there's a pole with trail-indicators. The bm is SE of the col.
A view of the borderridge.
Bm593 close-up

Approaching the  Col de Banyuls

g591 from distance
Bm 591both markers

Same as bm595: an intact  cross and a recent stone.

Then - at the other side of the pass - starting with the climb to Pic de Sallfort.
With in between bm590
Bm590 from distance
And - higher up -  looking back (I think).

I didn't search for bm589, apparently because I already had a  picture of it  (from 2003).

And camping near the fountain of Font de la Mašana

It's a bit beyond  bm587 which I also skipped (done in 2003).
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