The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 23 april 2007 -
Early morning trip

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Part of a 6 day's trip with Jan-Willem,  exploring the bordermarkers around Coustouges and Lamanère: bm521-541.

Day 6: after finding bm526 and bm527, we leave the area and walk via Coustouges to Spain.

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Distance : 21.305 km

Altitudes :
Maxi 1115 m  Mini 465 m

Dénivelées :
+321 m  -747 m
cumulative 1068 m
At 7 am, I go for a last solo-trip while Jan-Willem remains in the tent.

From bm525 I descend with help of compass and gps along the borderline until the spot of bm526. It takes a little searching to find it on a bigger rocky part.

N42 21 17.3 E2 35 15.8
From bm526 there's a waymarked trail going down along the supposed borderline. It's less steep then the descent from bm525 to bm526.

Soon you'll reach a rocky ridge which descends to further below. Follow that ridge itself and after 20-30 meters you'll find bm527, on top of the ridge.

N42 21 13.6 E2 35 24.2
Bm527 from some distance. In the distance, deep down below: the meadows of Hostal de la Muga.
I return, soon loosing the trail and climbing directly to Col de Massanes. "Hunting reserved"-signs like these help to keep the borderline in view.
Back at the tent at 9 am.

We pack our things and try a direct path to Villeroje. Soon there's a blue waymarked trail to the right. But we continue on the dirtroad (neglecting a 'no entry' sign) where at the second hairpin bend the blue trail reappears.
The blue trail is apparently a shortcut.
The snowcapped Canigou.
This is probably a view to the SE with the rocky borderridge clearly visible, I think where bm527 is located.

There are also nice views of Hostal de  la Muga. When the dirtroad bends to the left, we follow a path (no waymarks) to the east (so straight on as it were).
It ends at the edge of Villeroja. That is to say: a hamlet south of Villeroje where a few refuse bins are standing.

That's where the dirtroad to Hostal de la Muga starts. But also the forest road to Coustouges which is our next goal.
Via Coustouges descending to the borderbridge with this monument. The bridge was built in 1995, we didn't see any border markings on the bridge itself.
From the bridge or a bit beyond, this zoom-in view into the valley where bm542 is located along the stream.

Move the mouse over the picture  to see the borderline and bordermarkers.

And a zoom-out view
We continue on the road to Maçanets de Cabrenys until we find beyond Tapis this suitable camping spot on a sideroad.

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