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- 10 april 2008 -
Along precipices

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Part of a 8-days backpacking-trip in the eastern Pyrenees with Jan-Willem, roughly covering the area bm528 - bm575 and bm600 - 601bis.

Day 8:  a roundtrip from Port-Bou doing bm600 - bm601bis, the last one being the target of the day.



For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

According to gpx-view
Distance : 6.363 km
Altitudes : Maxi 190 m  Mini 5 m
Dénivelées : +235 m  -175 m

With the train from Figueres to Port Bou.

From Port Bou, we climb on the road to the bordercrossing and 'do' nearby:


Bm600 with me
From approximately bm600, looking to the borderpass.
A monument on the Spanish refugees after the Spanish civil war. The information panel on it has been removed.
Along the borderridge to

Bm601 with me
Bm601, note the little stone marker in the foreground,
Now in close-up. Indicating what?
Then a short descent to

bm601bis, the number is painted and doesn't look very official.

Bm601bis with me
We follow a yellow waymarked path from bm601 towards Port Bou.

It's steep and rocky, sometimes along precipices.

This picture: Jan-Willem enjoying the views.
And a bit further, this view.
More at sealevel, there are stairs and beaches. Parts of the trail have washed away, making it sometimes dangerous. 

This picture: looking forward to Port Bou.

Back to Figueres, to our hotel.
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