The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- monday 12 september 2016 -
Revisiting bm510 from Vallter 2000

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Summary: Part of a 9-days trip to the Pyrenees, covering various targets from east to west.

Today: a long trip hence and forth to bm510 to photograph ist for a second time and to check the GRPdesBF-part from bm510 to bm511.

Weather: clear skies, beautiful.
For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds: see the cartography-page

The gps-track has not been manually  corrected which explains the inaccuracy and misalignment at some points.

Started at 9:30 , finish at 15:45

According to Gps-Track-Analyse

- distance : 17,7 km
- cum. elevation gain : 1381m
- cum. elevation loss :1319m
- total elevation: 2700m

- altitude maxi : 2810m
- altitude mini : 2090m
- altitude average : 2452m

I park my ca not far away from the ski station of Vallter 2000 and pick up the GR11-trail climbing
to Refugio de Ull de Ter.
On the first Col, this view back
and this view to the route ahead.
There are streams and here and there opportunities for a bivouac.
Further on, having arrived at the borderridge
and Col des Neuf Croix in view
and getting closer
and closer.


The original bordercross was lost for many years but in 2013 replaced by this granite marker.

A view towards Núria.
Looking back or in the direction of the GRPdesBF

I return on the same route = the GR11-trail.
First following the borderridge
but then descending into the valley,
making a large half-circle
and passing
this simple shelter
The view from the shelter.
Then continuing to a coll,
passing streams like these where the terrain is flat enough here and there for a bivouac.
From the Col a view in the direction of Refugio de Ull de Ter
and the mountains of the next GRPdesBF-stage.
Zoom-in to Porteille de Mantet (bm511).

That's the end and beginning of two GRPdesBF-stage.
Further on
this zoom-in
to the summit of
Pic de Coma Armada or Puig de la Llosa.

The GRPdesBF takes a route underneath that summit at the French side.
Coming closer to
the Refugio de Ull de Ter
with a watersource outside.
Then a steep descent to the road
with besides the trail some spots suitable for a bivouac (besides a stream).

That's important because further on, up to Porteille de Mantet and on the next stage there are no sources and no bivouac-spots close to route.
When back at my car, I drive to the ski-station to see where you can pick up the trail to Porteille de Mantet.

Well that's here,
around a building
which is behind the main building.

This picture shows where Col de Mantet is.
And this is the GRPdesBF-route at the ski-station.
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