The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- wednesday 14 september 2016 -
Short stop at bm409g-fr

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Summary: Part of a 9-days trip to the Pyrenees, covering various targets from east to west.

Today: in crossing the Pont du Roi, I make a short stop to see the recently renovated bm409g-fr.

It's a day of transit from the camping Las Closas in Err to the camping Las Espalias in BossÚst. In St-Girons I visit Charles Darrieu.

Bm409f-fr in front, bm410 behind it.
The ceramic plates were destroyed in recent years and replaced a few months ago.

See this blog-post.
They are identical with the original ones.
The distance is the distance to the real borderline in the Garonne.

used to be a milestone and was upgraded to a bordermarker when the original marker disappeared. Probably after road constructions.

See this page.

This is the company who made the new ceramic plates. It's the same company of the original plates 45 years ago.
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