The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all my trips
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- 20 april 2007 -
Scratched arms & legs

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Part of a 6 day's trip with Jan-Willem,  exploring the bordermarkers around Coustouges and Lamanère: bm521-541.

Day 3: after an early trip, making a large loop from Hostal de la Muga to Col de Massanes, finding there bm525 and bm524.

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Distance : 11.971 km

Altitudes :
Maxi 1116 m  Mini 718 m

~ +609 m  -266 m
cumulative 875 m

In the early morning I make a solo-trip uphill.

I try to find bm529-528-527 but can't find any of them, despite my pda-gps and the directions from the Procès-Verbal.

This picture: from the probable spot of bm527 at the end of a rocky ridge.

Idem from the likely spot of bm528, close to a stream.

After 3 hours I'm back at the tent where Jan-Willem is waiting. I couldn't find the same trail back.

We pack our tent and leave 12.30. In 4 hours we'll walk to Col des Massanes.

My arms and legs are scratced after all that wrestling through the bush.

We are on our way to Falgo Golf
via Villeroje and the road to St. Laurent.

From (close to the entrance of) Golf Falgo we pick up the Tour de Vallespir-trail untill close to the Collada dels Maceners or Col de Massanes.  That's where we pitch our tent.

Through sticky bush I reach bm525 at the end of a ridge.

N42 21 23.3 E2 35 17.9
Through even more sticky bush I find bm524 which is situated on a sort of pass.

N42 21 25.6 E2 35 06.4

And then a bit of relaxing and writing my logbook.
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