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- 7 april 2009 -
Bm059 finally found

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After a rainy night a late start. Then a new search for bm059 followed by an easy walk along the next bm's until bm066. Finishing at the Dantxaria's campsite.

Weather: some light showers.

For explanation of the gps-coordinates and other cartographic backgrounds:
see my cartography page

Walking: ± 12-17 hour, 5.13 hour in total.
Elevation according to my watch: 376m up, 532m down, in total: 908m

According to visugpx
- distance : 16.56 km
- cum. elevation gain : 217 m
- cum. elevation loss : 362 m
- total elevation:  579

- altitude maxi : 265 m
- altitude mini : 54 m
- altitude average : 119 m
Our tents in the morning. First we undertake several fruitless attempts to find bm059

We pack our tents and shelter a while for the rain at the venta nearby. Then - 11.15am just before leaving - a last try and

now I find bm059!

And on the spot where it should be according to the map. That is: on the w-bank of the stream, a bit to the N of the meadow, not easy to spot on that rock-littered bank.

This picture: the backside of the bm, looking S to the meadow.
A plan with a South-North direction.

"barrière" = where the roadblock is
"onze kampeerplaats" = our campingspot
"weiland" = meadow
Then - finally at 12am - on the road on easy tarmac to bm060.

On our way to bm061 and looking back. Note the peculiar stone slabs at the right, used as a fence.

We skip a venta-restaurant nearby and follow the GR10 for a while and then bend back to the border.

At the border, there's a restaurant. The  IGN 25k map (the new series) shows the next bm here. We search in vain around the restaurant but then the owners show us this bm in front of the restaurant. That's the "borne frontière" they say.

But it's atypical: no number and a B and S on either side.

The S-side.

Strange marker but for the moment we assume that this is bm062.

Apparently we have forgotten that we saw another B-S-marker yesterday between bm056 and bm057.

The restaurant.
We go on and find bm063. 
But then we spot this marker - before bm063 - with again a B and a S.

We come to the conclusion that the marker in front of the restaurant isn't bm062. The real bm062 must be somewhere else around the restaurant. But we have proceeded too far - we think - to go back.

Later - after this trip - I will find out that bm062 is somewhere else, the map is wrong.

The B-side of this marker.
Then on a dirtroad to bm064 and
bmgp065, tilted.

The brown rectangular  stone behind it has no visible engravings.

And a bit further near a stream: bm066.

The borderline goes straight ahead here, crossing the stream.

The stream has risen - so it seems - by last night's rain. Too broad to jump over but wading through seems possible.

But we stop, we'll do bm067 etc. tomorrow.
We continue on the GR10 and leave it near Ainhoa to go to Dantxaria.

Camping Harazpy in Dantxaria.
(N43 17 27.2 W1 30 11.4 hoogte 69m)

At night we treat ourselves in a restaurant (garbure!).
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