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- thursday 14 december 2017 -
Visiting Marco Noris' exhibition

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Today I visited Marco Noris' exhibition in the MuMe-museum in La Jonquera in Catalonia.

It was a short - 2 days - trip from Holland but worthwhile the effort as a bordermarker devotee.

To read: an article about Noris' project and the bm-project of Cayetano Martinez.
1. the original article in catalan
3. translated in French
4. translated in Spanish
(with thanks to the multi-lingual Cayetano)

The MuMe-museum is a small museum devoted to the 'Retirada', the retreat of the Spanish republicans
after the Spanish civil war.
Coming directly from the Girona-airport, I have some time left before the museum opens. This is a view towards
the "Fort de Bellegarde",
just on the other side of the French border.
Although I was warned bij Marco himself, I was a bit disappointed by the size of the exhibtion and and its position in a backcorner of the museum.
Marco deserves better, I think.  We see only a part of  his work (132 pictures of the 212 he made) and I missed a kind of 'the making of' and more background-information.

But read more about it on the website of Marco Noris

It was a very original project: walking along (almost) every bordermarker between Andorra and the Mediterranean and making a painting/drawing of each one. 
That results in pictures with a great variety: from minimalistic black/white pencil-drawings to dreamy landscapes.
Most of them show the bordermarker itself or
give an impression of the spot itself,
other are impressions of the landscape around the marker.
I liked them a lot.
Another example
and another one
and another one
He didn't visit or find every bordermarker, for example bm542,
but is determined to visit the remaining ones,
Probably there will be a second exhibition in Barcelona in 2019.

A trip next day into the mountains to the border, was cancelled because of the bad weather and I drove quietly along the coast back to Girona.
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